Wendy’s (yes, the fast food restaurant) Just Dropped the Best Mixtape of the Year

After the twitter rap battle between Wingstop and Wendy’s, we thought Wendy’s couldn’t be any more extra. Wendy’s was already famous for their many feuds on social media, picking fights with McDonalds, Burger King, and Carl’s Jr. (check these out; they’re hilarious.)

But now– they just made the ultimate power move: the good ol’ mixtape.

It’s unbelievable, but the mixtape is… good.

Made up of five tracks, the variety of beats sound fresh and the production is impeccable.

Personally, I think the best diss track is “Rest in Grease.” It includes killer lines (taking shots at McDonalds) like:

“You number 1? That’s a joke
Why yo’ ice cream machine always broke?
Why yo’ drive through always slow?
Why yo’ innovation just can’t grow?
It’s queen Wendy, need I say mo’?”

“I’m fast food’s First Lady”

“Y’all too chicken for this beef”

Listen on Spotify.

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