The Black Panther Hype is Just Starting

So I watched Black Panther last Saturday, Feb 17, the day after it came out. It was a hard night for driving with seriously heavy snowfall but we made it. Our school drove probably about 150 students to a theater reserved just for us, making two or three trips each way to fit everyone in.

I had very high expectations and was afraid that the movie would not live up to all the enthusiasm surrounding it. But the movie surpassed all of my expectations.

The colors throughout were beautiful. The costumes, high-tech gear, and computer effects were stunning. The script was clever and refreshing, alternating between regal and witty.

But I was drawn most to the complicated characters. I agree with Chris Stuckmann‘s comment that we as audience members are able to understand the villain’s motives as well as we can understand those of the hero. T’Challa’s isolationist policy is not fully convincing; Killmonger’s desire for world domination and assertion of the Wakanda nation and culture – one that is grounded on a history of pain and mistreatment – is also tempting and reasonable. Black Panther does not offer easy answers to these tensions.

I was really hoping “King’s Dead” would come on would come on during the movie so 1. I could hear Future sound like he’s squealing in pain and 2. I could hear Kendrick spit the last verse but it wasn’t… I was disappointed. But it didn’t really fit the mood of the movie, so I think it was for the better.

All in all, it was stunning and deeply assuring to see so many black representation and strong women on the screen. Truly a moment of triumph for black men and women in America.

Being the meme lover I am, here are some Black Panther memes – but let’s not forget that Ryan Coogler ACTUALLY WROTE “WHAT ARE THOSE??” INTO THE SCRIPT.

Black Panther Album Review from Highsnobiety

Easter Eggs, References, Cameos

Rolling Stone cover story w/ Chadwick Boseman


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