Film Reviews

(Award-winning review) The Master: No Other Love Can Warm My Heart / Gen Z Critics (2022) – Contest Finalist

Criticizing the excessive pity-party ending of All That Jazz (1979) (Bob Fosse)

The rules of the patriarchal game in Raise the Red Lantern (1991) (Zhang Yimou)

Fabricated humans and emotions in Her (2013) (Spike Jonze)

Power, voyeurism, and sex in Boogie Nights (1997) (Paul Thomas Anderson)

Heartbreaking disappointments and nebulous desires/futures in Hoop Dreams (1994) (Steve James)

Gen Z culture and small victories in Eighth Grade (2018) (Bo Burnham)

The gratuitous violence and unnecessary focus on men in Polytechnique (2009) (Denis Villeneuve)

The bewildering ending in Magnolia (1999) (Paul Thomas Anderson)


Film Critic Carlos Valladares discusses A24, 1930s Hollywood, and the plight of Marvel / Blog

Essays – Film

The egregious racism against Asians in “Lost in Translation” / The Stanford Daily (2021)

A beginner’s guide to ‘foreign’ (non-English) cinema / The Stanford Daily (2021)

Essays – Music

Ten years later: The enduring vice of The Weeknd’s debut mixtape ‘House of Balloons’ / The Stanford Daily