The One Vital Lesson Hip-Hop Can Learn From J. Cole

Highsnobiety, whose articles I frequently feature on my blog, continues to offer valuable commentary on today’s hip-hop scene.

One of their latest articles muses on the success of KOD, J. Cole’s latest album– or really, 2014 Forest Hills Drive and 4 Your Eyez Only, too.

Read the article here.

“Now that hip-hop is enjoying unprecedented success on the charts, accounting for 25% of all music consumption in America, rappers are keen to capitalize on this by recording as much as possible, and that includes features too.”

“There’s nothing inherently wrong with features. In the right hands, the chemistry shared between two or more of rap’s biggest players can transcend the talents of each star individually to create something truly unforgettable, but the industry needs to start placing more emphasis on the artistry of solo performances too.”

“J. Cole’s pure approach to music is a powerful antidote to the often exhausting excess of hip-hop.”

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